Fallen 15 Programs


At Fallen 15, we understand that it can be difficult to come home from your time in the Service.  A bond is built between those who serve and the loss of that bond can be difficult to manage.  But we hope to assist our Service Members come together to build those bonds with others at our camaraderie events throughout the year.  Our events range from races, like the Memorial Run held in May and honoring our 15 Fallen Service Members being recognized that year or our Ruck, Run, Remember held in September to honor all who lost their lives in the 9/11 Attacks that changed our world.  We also host shooting events, paint gatherings and special movie & dinner nights.


Our goal is to make sure our Veterans, Military Families and the Families of the Fallen have fun, safe events and programs where they can get off the couch and join together.  Isolation is not the answer even if it is the easiest way to live.  Together we can make it through the transition from being in the service to civilian life.

If you have an idea for a program or event, please let us know through the form on our Contact Us page.  We would love to hear from you.