PFC Noah Porter

Noah was and will ALWAYS be “One of a Kind.” He gave Pat and I a run for our money as a youngster, gray hair and worn nerves as a teenager, and made us the Proudest Parents as an adult. Noah secretively joined the Army and then headed to Fort Jackson in April 2020. Once I found out he had joined the Army and was to leave in less than a month, the good momma that I am, took the opportunity to advise him that he had made a Huge Mistake. I reminded him that he DIDN’T like being told WHAT TO DO, WHEN TO DO IT, or HOW TO DO IT. He politely with a smile took the same opportunity, as the good son he was, to let me know he did his research, made a decision, joined the Army, and he knew what he was doing. In fact, Noah had his next 30 years planned out. He was going to Serve Our Country. Noah didn’t care what other people thought and no one was changing his mind, not even Rosie, his beloved Pitbull. Noah was determined that he was going to be an Army Ranger no matter what it took. He joined the Army as a 68 Whiskey w/an Option 40 Contract. He worked very hard, he completed BCT, AIT, became an EMT, RASP, where he was injured, and was headed to SOCM. He was already ahead of the game; he knew his Medical Field Training and was using it fluently. He was on the right path, doing what he wanted, and was Rocking it. On July 5, 2021, Noah took his last breath when he was killed in an MVA while headed back to Fort Benning in preparation to going to Fort Bragg.

My Noah was very Mind-Strong. The word “QUIT” was not in his vocabulary nor did he allow his Fellow Soldiers to use the word. In fact, Noah was the guy who would push his friends, family, even strangers to go beyond their “Imaginary limits”. The days, weeks, months, following Noah’s death, I was showered with amazing, beautiful, heart-warming stories about Noah from so many emotional attentive “strangers”. The love and respect that Noah earned in 15 months is a huge representation of how Noah impacted the lives of so many. He strived for perfection and to make everyone feel equally important. No one was going to be left behind on Noah’s watch. Noah was described as possessing and displaying characteristics of accountable, being blunt, caring, compassionate, competitive, dedicated, dependable, determined, encouraging, enthusiastic, enjoyed having a good time, good friend, good listener, gym fanatic, humble, loyal, mentor, respectful, a True Leader. Noah was indeed the perfect example of an “Army Ranger.” Though he will never have the opportunity to have the title of Army Ranger, I know in my heart that my Noah found his true calling and purpose in life, and I was so wrong to think that he was making a huge mistake. This boy was born a fighter, he had all the necessary characteristics and talents to share, and had he been given the “life span” he would have Been all He Could Be in the Army. You, my son, will NEVER be forgotten!

PFC Noah C. Porter
Aug 21, 1998 – July 5, 2021