LCPL Daniel Nathan Deyarmin, Jr.

Nathan was a pure humanitarian, from a small child into adulthood. He had a special connection to making others feel important and helping them out. Nathan attended Tallmadge City Schools K-12th and graduated in 2002. He joined the USMC in 2003. While serving with the 3/25 unit in Iraq he was killed in hostile fire with 5 other snipers on August 1, 2005.

Nathan touched many hearts and lives while living and since his passing. He was a friend to many, a son to some and a hero to all. He loved to work on cars, mechanical, paint and body. If it had an engine he was all about it. 4-Wheeling and spending time with family and friends were a top priority.

While he was growing up he showed true compassion and friendship. He helped many friends with car trouble, gave rides to those in need and let people know they mattered and friended them. He taught many how important kind words and actions can make a difference. His sense of humor is still admired and laughed about. He made his mark on this earth and is deeply missed by many. All that knew him will always remember and hold close to their hearts for he made a difference.

Since Nathan’s passing The Deyarmin Foundation Inc. was formed and with the funds raised it has assisted 1000s of veterans and has raised over $500,000. It is all done with volunteerism so all proceeds go to assisting veterans in honor and memory of LCpl Deyarmins service.

Nathan, is buried in the Tallmadge Cemetery.

DOB- 7/30/1983 | DOD- 8/1/05 Iraq